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What are the consequences of not changing the oil filter for a long time?

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What are the consequences of not changing the oil filter for a long time?
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Every time we service our car, we put a tin can on the car to replace like a small can, this is our oil filter. It was changed with our oil, but today a friend asked us is it ok to change the oil filter when we change the oil? We all know that the oil filter must be changed to random oil and changed together. How long does it take for an "oil filter" to be replaced with original parts with guaranteed quality?


First of all, the oil filter, also known as the machine filter or oil glue, is in the lubrication system of the engine. It is used for lubrication, cleaning and cooling in the middle of the engine. Extend normal time duration. This protection requires not only the quality of the oil itself, but also the cleanliness of the oil.

Secondly, since the oil must be guided by the oil filter (hereinafter referred to as the oil filter) to achieve the lubrication score, if the oil filter is not replaced for a long time, the impurities (dust, scrap metal and jelly formed by the oxidation of the oil) Constant mixing in the cycle, causing serious consequences such as blockage of oil passages and even damage to the engine. This is why the machine filter must be replaced regularly! When we talk about the air filter, many car owners are more likely to see that its role is to prevent dust from entering Engine! Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that you replace the oil filter at 5,000 kilometers or about half a year, so that the cleanliness and cleanliness of the oil can be effectively guaranteed.

The filter should be changed when the oil is changed. However, there are some special cases. It should be noted that the replacement of the filter closely corresponds to the amount of oil injected into the filter. In most cases, the machine filter is replaced at 5,000 kilometers, but if it is not 5,000 kilometers, as long as the oil is changed, the machine filter is generally replaced at the same time. For those vehicles that use oil for a long time, for example, 8,000 kilometers, 10,000 kilometers, etc. Change the oil Dear friends, you can choose some commonly used machine filters, which have excellent filtering effect and long mileage.

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